UD Studio 1 2007

Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Urban Design Studio,Summer 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

2.2 Unbound Sites

To support an operational understanding of urban sites, your research into spatial, temporal and social dynamics should help you: 1) conceptualize an urban site as an area of dynamic effect and influence and 2) define its “site-specificity” in relational terms.

In order to that effectively, you - in your groups - should be producing comprehensive urban logic diagrams that allow you to test and demonstrate your understanding.

To assist you in this process we are posting several examples of urban logic diagrams from last year. Please note the range of information and methods of representation shown in these samples. You should also note the volume of work that these groups produced.

As a critical reader of these samples, you should note there could be more sectional material on these boards, and more introductory diagrams.

We also encourage you to refer to Constellations which is full of other examples.